About Us

About us

Today's sophisticated consumer expects to enjoy a high quality product, delivered in a friendly manner in convenient locations. Equally is important the food experience to them. This accurately reflects our customer base, and Atul Bakery is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of this target market.

The Brand ‘Atul’

Our Brand is Our Quality.

Our recipes have been tested and refined to produce on the very highest quality product. We use the finest ingredients to make them tastier and healthier. Our Brand is Our Location. Atul Bakeries are typically located in high profile, high traffic locations throughout city which are easily approachable to the customers.

Our Brand is our People.

Our staff goes through intense and comprehensive training. They are knowledgeable in all areas of our business. Most importantly they are trained to provide extremely high quality service that focuses on meeting the needs of our customers.

Atul Bakery is also expanding through Franchising. A wider menu is being developed for these locations to serve better than the best.

Imagine you are walking around our shop….. peeking into the shop windows. The aroma wafting from a storefront stops you in your tracks. You follow your nose into the door and you see rows of golden, delicate sweets and crusty Biscuits. It is the ambiance of every Atul Bakery Shop and it is what we have endeavored to capture and bring to you.

The moment you step into the bakery... the scent of Cakes, Pastries, Biscuits and many more Bakery Products catches your attention. At Atul Bakery, we give you more than just great Cakes and Pastries, we give you an experience. All of our Bakery products are made by master bakers. We have created this same experience in all our stores.

It all began with two friends in business, a sweet tooth and a dream. In 2001, Atul Bakery was founded with the goal of providing our customers with classic Indian baked goods in a warm & friendly atmosphere. Having 11 years experience of Restaurant Industry and a goal to serve the best, we started “Atul Bakery” on 26th January, 2001. Today we are respected as a leading brand in the bakery industry.

However, the more things change, the more we stay the same! Each day, we bake everything from scratch using the finest ingredients, just as you would at home. From Cakes to Cookies, from Breads to Biscuits, our treats are meant to bring you back to a time when a bite of something sweet could make the world a little brighter. This is what sets us apart and keeps our loyal customers coming back, again and again.

Our Concept – ‘We make the best’

The aroma of our fresh bakery products provides you with joy and you enjoy them truly. Our "Fresh to You" service demonstrates the care and quality that goes into all of our fresh made taste temptations.

Our Products - ‘The Perfect Mix’

All our products are founded, developed and perfected by master bakers. Our exclusive product line features a contemporary range of edibles that appeal to contemporary taste choices.

Stop by our stores at Piplod, Magdalla & University Road and let our smiling staff help you choose from our selection of delicious goodies.

Whatever the occasion, Atul Bakery is here to make your life a little sweeter!

Our Products


Cake is a form of sweet dessert that is typically baked.


Pastry is a dough of flour, water and shortening that may be sweetened.


Toast is sliced bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat.


A cookie is a baked that is small, flat, and sweet.


Puff is light pastry containing several layers of raw form.


Biscuit is a variety of baked and flour-based products.


Bread is a item prepared from dough of flour and water, usually by baking.

Mava Cakes

Mawa cakes are soft and buttery cakes that are rolled in a wax paper.


Chocolate is most popular baked item and flavors in the world.

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Best Quality

Our company is a leading manufacturer of high quality bakery baked products. Our products are of the highest quality.We procure this raw material from the reputed suppliers and use them only after checking them for quality and hygiene.

Great Taste

Our "Fresh to You" service demonstrates the care and quality that goes into all of our fresh made taste temptations.If you want to expand you vocabulary and say more than "it tastes good" then our bakery item is for you!

Fresh Items

All of our fresh items are developed to improve wellness by introducing great flavor and healthy options into any our bakery items.