Freshness Baked

With years of experience in baking quality products, we are known for providing the freshness that our customers expect in the products. Baking is more than just offering products, it is about letting customers experience that bliss one experiences at the time they visit a bakery.

At Atul bakery, we are trying to recreate that bakery experience that you yearn for. We freshly bake our products periodically to offer our customers the quality that speaks for itself. As experienced bakers, we have shaped ourselves to offer products that bring joy to our customers. Providing quality products with a smile is what we excel at. What distinguishes us is the experience that we create for our customers.

Atul Bakery was always known for TAZA HAMESHA (always fresh) and it can be seen in the products it offers. Ensuring the happiness of our customers through our fresh and quality products has been one of our core values for years.

It is not possible for us to spread happiness alone. With the help of our customers who have repeatedly come back to us, we have gained the support that we need to keep providing them with quality products from time to time.

Our Secret Ingredient

Our secret ingredient is the team that goes above and beyond to cater to our customers’ needs. They are trained to thoroughly understand and manage processes pertaining to our business. Our team of seasoned bakers has put their brains and heart into creating products that are rich both in taste and freshness. All of our products are eggless and are made with you in mind. One of the key principles that shaped the culture over the years is Our Brand is Our People. All of our premises are cleaned and sanitized on regular basis. Our staff maintains hygiene and makes sure that the products you get are freshly baked. We only serve products that receive high appreciation from our customers. We have trained and honed ourselves to offer products and services that are in line with our old adage “We Make The Best”.

When It Is Baked Good, You Want It

When it comes to freshness and qualitative experience we ensure that it is delivered by creating products that are made keeping the consumer’s experience as a primary objective. Having been in the industry for 16 years we have improved significantly in delivering the experience that we are known for. This is only possible by maintaining the consistency of freshness in our products and improving the services based on our customers’ feedbacks. As an organization, we are continuously improving ourselves and coming up with products through research and development with an approach that stands out in the industry. One of the mottos is Our Brand is Our Quality which can be reflected in their products.

Making Sure That You Get It As Made

At Atul Bakery we ensure that you receive products as they were made we have trained our staff to execute effectively on logistics and manage inventory as per the demands of the market. Our quality testing practices ensure that quality is maintained. For this, we have invested ourselves in developing packaging techniques that cater to your needs better. We use quality food grade materials to package our products.

  • We use both fully automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines to ensure that your products are safe and fresh
  • For packaging, we use food-grade materials that are of high quality
  • All of our processes are FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) and US FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) guidelines compliant.
  • Ensuring that you get real-time information about the products, we provide you with real-time tracking for all of your orders

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to produce and supply safe food products of agreed quality to consistently meet customer needs and expectations and enhance customer satisfaction.

We strive to achieve growth and a leading position in the market by:

  • Supplying safe and hygienic food products in the market.
  • Prevention, rather than detection / rectification of unsafe products.
  • Complying with applicable food safety requirements, including statutory and regulatory requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of food safety management system.
  • Establishing a proper system for internal and external communications.
  • Creating an environment of teamwork as well as involvement and providing system awareness to all employees to ensure the competencies.